Winter and Summer Sales 2018

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Sales Dates

Summer Sales 2018

France: 27th June to 7th August.
Germany: 30th July to 12th August.
Italy: 7th July to 15th August.
Spain: 1st July to 31st August.


Winter Sales 2019

France: 10th January to 20th February.
Germany: 29th January to 11th February.
Italy: 7th January to 7th March.
Spain: 7th January to 7th March.

Sales around Europe

In Europe there are two times in the year when you should go shopping: the Summer and Winter Sales. Many European countries run their biggest sales during these periods, and you can expect to pick up some amazing bargains. The biggest Winter and Summer Sales take place in Germany, Spain, Italy and France. Each country has different rules and regulations governing the sale.


In Germany the Winter Sale and Summer Sale usually begin on the last Mondays in January and July. They continue for nearly two weeks, ending on the second following Saturday. There used to be a law that these were the only sales permitted. Although other sales are now allowed, these are still the two biggest sales periods of the year in Germany.


In Spain the law states that the sales that take place twice a year must last at least one week and at most two months. The exact dates are decided by the local authorities. We recommend keeping up to date with the website so you will know exactly when the next sale is starting.


In Italy the Summer and Winter sales are sometimes preceded by a sales blackout. But once the sales start they can go on for as long as sixty days. Again, the exact dates of the sale are decided by the local government.


In France the twice annual sales are held on dates set by the authorities. The sales go on for a maximum period of six weeks. Products on sale must have previously been available to customers for at least one month at full price. In France retailers are permitted to sell products below cost during the sales, so you might find some fantastic deals.

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Summer Sales 2018

The Summer Sales are held in the middle of summer. In many countries, they fall during the school summer break and when families typically take their summer holidays. By holidaying at a summer sale destination you can combine your summer break with sale shopping. You will find all sorts of great products at reduced prices. Look out for clothes and shoes, jewellery, homewares and sports equipment.


In Italy the Summer Sale starts at the beginning of July and continues until mid-August. In France the sale starts a little earlier, on 27th June 2018, and runs until the 7th August. In Germany the sale is much shorter, starting around 27th July and running until 12nd August. In Spain the sale begins at the same time, but continues until the end of August.

Winter Sales 2019

The Winter Sales are seasonal sales that take place during winter. They are most frequently held after Christmas, beginning in January and sometimes continuing into February. In Italy the Winter Sale begins around 5th January, with some regions starting their sales a couple of days earlier. It continues until March or even early April in some regions of the country. In Germany the sale begins on the last Monday in January and is much shorter than the sale in Italy. In France the Winter Sale will begin on 9th January 2019 and continue for six weeks, ending on 19th February. In Spain the Winter Sale begins around 7th January, though some cities like Madrid can bring it forward to as early as 1st January. Depending on the region, the sale can go on until the end of March.


During the Winter Sale you will find many different types of products for sale. Fashion, accessories and footwear are the most common items found in the sales. It is a great opportunity to find designer clothes and jewellery at a fraction of their normal price. In addition to clothes and accessories, you will also find products like homewares and sporting equipment reduced.

What are the best shopping destinations for Sales in Europe?

Europe has many wonderful cities, so it can be hard to decide where to go. Luckily, we have picked out some of the best shopping destinations for you.


France is a great choice for a short break, and of course, Paris is one of the best shopping cities in the world. You can find up to 70% off many products, such as fashion, accessories, homewares and furniture during the Winter and Summer Sales. Head over to the Galleries Lafayette and the Champs-Elysées to visit an iconic shopping destination. There is also the largest department store in the world on Boulevard Haussmann.


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Italy is home to many high-end designers, and is therefore an obvious destination for luxury designer shopping. You can find discounts of up to 50% off a range of items. The two cities to choose from here are Rome and Milan, both of which offer great bargain-hunting opportunities during the Summer and Winter Sales. Milan is home to many great shops and designer outlets. You can even visit the Dolce & Gabbana factory outlet. Meanwhile, in Rome you can find a bit of everything in the sale. Via del Corso is a mile-long strip of shops, while designer boutiques are located around Via Condotti and Piazza de Spagna. There are also plenty of malls in Italy’s capital city.


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Germany is a great destination for a sales shopping break. With the shorter duration of the Winter and Summer Sales, it’s easy to plan your trip so you are there right in the middle of the sale, when all the retailers are reducing prices. Most retailers begin the sale with a 20% discount, which they then increase as the sale goes on. For this reason, we recommend planning to shop nearer the end of the sale.


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If you go to Spain for the sales, you can enjoy warm, sunny weather while filling your suitcase with bargain purchases. As with Germany, the Spanish retailers increase their discounts as the sale goes on. You can find reductions of up to 70%. The two best Spanish cities to visit during the sales are Madrid and Barcelona. Madrid, the capital city, has many department stores. In the Las Salesas district you will find a range of boutique shops and jewellers. This is a great area to shop for designer fashion during the sales. As well as being a beautiful city, Barcelona is a paradise for bargain-hunters during the sales. We recommend visiting Plaça Catalunya, Diagonal and Passeig de Gràcia to find big international brands like Mango and Zara.


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